Altered Carbon Season 2 Cast Details

Altered Carbon Season 2 Cast Details

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It seems that the Altered Carbon Season 2 cast has finally been released. The cast is made up of five main characters who are each brought in for a short amount of time to help the show to achieve its goal of bringing a realistic action-adventure feel to the show. While they are all incredibly likable and have great chemistry together, there are some differences between them that I would like to discuss. I will go over these here and give my Altered Carbon Season 2 Cast Review.

Jessica Alba plays the role of Rachel Berry, the cynical and snappy executive officer of a security consulting team called Delta Force. She is the head of the team who is cynical of her own ability to get the job done while still being skeptical of how her fellow team members react to her. Rachel also has a crush on a new man called Travis, played beach. The two of them get along okay until they discover that Travis is in fact the leader of a dangerous group of terrorists. They help him capture the terrorists’ hideout and foil their impending attack on the headquarters of the firm where they work for.

Damon Wayans plays the role of Damonagger, the more cynical of the two main characters. Damon is the one who think the plan is a good one but is often disregarded by others. His belief that the plan is in place is what initially convinces Jessica Alba’s character to trust Travis. His character ends up getting the girl of his dreams in the end, which helps him overcome his own insecurities about his own capabilities. The two of them end up having a love affair.


Bradley Cooper also plays the role of Damonagger, the guy who is Damon’s friend. While he is mostly concerned with helping Damon gets the job done, he does eventually get involved with the scheme. At the end of the episode, Damon gets shot and falls to the ground. Alba then steps in to save Damon. During the ensuing fight, they both end up getting hit by a shotgun blast, and Damon is pronounced dead at the scene.

Michael Chiklis also stars as Damonagger. The two of them end up working together to solve a case involving kidnappings. They help foil the plot of a terrorist group that wants to bomb a popular restaurant in New York City and end up having to save the restaurant staff, who are also under attack from the group. The entire scene is incredibly dramatic, with some great acting throughout.

There are some minor supporting cast members who are featured in the scene, including Rachel Cook as Claire Danes, Dan Butler as Mike Weiss, and Greg Berlanti as John Mahoney. The supporting characters all add some interesting depth to an already intriguing story. All of these actors put in amazing performances that will make you want to watch the second season of Altered Carbon as soon as possible. If you like the first season, you are in for a real treat with this second installment.

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Altered Carbon season 2 include how true and memorable the events of the first season will be. Will the characters still feel like they have substance? Is there still enough there to keep you interested in what is going on? These questions remain unanswered, but the first half of the series was an action-packed thriller that at least showed us what happens in Damon and Claire’s stories.

Hopefully we will get more Altered Carbon updates as the show progresses. It has become one of television’s most thrilling shows and promises to deliver another bang when the final episodes are released next year. What are you waiting for? Head over to Altered Carbon’s official website to check out the official cast list, and get all the scoop on how you can continue your fight against evil.