Aquaman Movie Review, Box Office, Cast

Aquaman Movie Review, Box Office, Cast

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Aquaman is one of the foremost comic book superheros ever created. Once home to the greatest and most technologically advanced society on earth, the once-thriving city of Atlantis has become an underwater realm ruled by the evil king Orm. With an expansive fleet of Aquaman’s on duty around the globe, I’m seeking to conquer the other sea-going people – and the surface world – in order to rule the Underwater World.

Casting new roles in Aquaman this summer, as well as producing Aquaman: The Search has been the brilliant hands of screenwriters Adam Silver and Geoff Johns. The genius minds behind Aquaman and Green Lantern: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have teamed up to create a fresh new take on one of the most famous underwater stories ever told. Aquaman film fans will be glad to know that after the success of Aquaman and the worldwide success of Green Lantern, there will be a third Aquaman film in theaters in three years time – called Aquaman 3. Here’s an Aquaman movie review to tide you over until the next Aquaman movie debuts in theaters!

Aquaman is a landlocked sea god who owns a kingdom on the edge of the sea. When his home is attacked by an undersea criminal known as villain Blackacre, Aquaman must use all his powers to protect his home and those who have fallen victim to his foe’s sinister plot. Cast as the mysterious androgynous Aquaman as well as a supporting cast of interesting and powerful supporting characters, Aquaman is one of the more memorable superhero films of recent years. Aquaman’s enemies include the evil villain Black Mercy, who intends to poison the water supply of the world, an army of sea creatures led by Chum Shanks, an army of aquatic humans called the Tide, a group of dolphin thieves, and a trio of Parademon soldiers. Aquaman’s allies include his faithful seaweed, Dolphin Boy and a group of female mermaids whom he rescues from a slavery ship where they are held as slaves.

Starring Tom Cruise as the master of all aquatic life, Aquaman is one of the most recognizable characters in the comic book world as well as the one featured in the best Aquaman film of all times – Aquaman: The Search for Aquaman. The film features all the special effects fans of Aquaman demand and is arguably one of the best comic book adaptations of all time. The film takes place thousands of years after the events of the previous Aquaman film (AQ: Swords of Eternity). In this version, Aquaman lives on the planetarium under the sea with his human girlfriend, Ayala. He is not alone however, as his Aquaman allies take on new recruits, while he continues to patrol the seas to keep the ocean’s dangerous currents from hurting any further.

Aquaman gathers several new friends in the form of other inhabitants of the sea such as Dolphin Boy, Dory, and Parvati, who come together to defeat the villains responsible for stealing the water supply. Aquaman’s efforts prove to be successful when he battles the villainous villain, Black Mercy, but is taken captive by Ocean Master. Under the command of the nefarious villain, Master has his men attack Aquaman’s allies and steal their strength so that they can attack the water world where Aquaman resides. Aquaman tries to escape from under the sea using his newly created diving suit, but is captured once again by Master.

The majority of the film is comprised of a story that ties into Aquaman’s previous appearances. There are several locations featured which connect to previous stories and feature characters from the Aquaman series. For example, at one point in the film, we learn that Ocean Master’s hideout is underneath an Aquaman movie set! The setting is kept consistent throughout the movie, though some elements of it are changed from earlier Aquaman films. This includes the fact that in the background we can see Ocean Master talking to his associates, which is a direct result of conversations that were featured in previous Aquaman films. Though the set-up may be different, the basic plot remains the same.

One big reason why this Aquaman film has been received well by audiences is because it features great acting talent. Several well-known actors are involved with the film including Jason Momoa as Aquaman’s arch enemy, the Black Mercy, Dolph Lundgren as Aquaman’s friend Aquaman II, and Amy Adams as Aquaman’s love interest, Aquaman’s wife, sea keeper, Betty Brogan. Other notable actors include Russell Crowder as Granny Diggory, Christopher Walken as Aquaman’s friend Orin, Danyline Stairsted as Triton, and many others. Aquaman is a very intriguing and original film that has a lot of fan base among viewers of all ages. People of all ages and races appreciate Aquaman for its unique story and the special effects.

Based on the success of Aquaman, Disney has decided to make three more Aquaman films. Hopefully the success of Aquaman II will help the franchise continues to grow. Aquaman will surely be a hit when it returns to the big screen for another installment. Aquaman box office results have proven that audiences again like this comic book-based film. Fans will wait for Aquaman II just as long as they will for the first Aquaman film.