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Top Marvel Movies For July 2021

For fans of Marvel Comics, the answer to what are the top Marvel films is not easy. Each superhero film has its own devoted fan base and its own following. Spiderman is by far the most popular of all the superheroes. It is the quintessential superhero and every one who see it instantly falls in love with Peter Parker. Iron Man is a perfect example of what a blockbuster movie should look like and a perfect example of what a blockbuster film should be. It is a fantastic franchise that continues to entertain millions today.

But which of these films have been the biggest hits? Without a doubt, Spiderman has been the biggest hit with both audiences and critics. However, Iron Man and The Wolverine have also proven to be big earners. What makes these films so popular? Well, here are some of the main reasons:

The story line is compelling. Spidey’s Spiderman stories are interesting and engaging to both children and adults. It’s a great tale of high-stakes adventure against an enemy which doesn’t show up until the second half of the film. Spidey is a lovable character that is always “in your face”.

The actors are fantastic in their role. Who wouldn’t want to be Spiderman? The actors bring new life to their roles and in this film, no one plays better than Tobey Maguire. He’s the driving force behind the production and he brings comic perfection to his role. His acting abilities were already proven before but this is the best role he’s ever had.

Character Changes by Marvel

These films are incredibly timely. They deal with certain issues we face today. It’s important to remember that as society changes so do the characters we entertain. While today’s movie goers may not like any of these films because of the subject matter they deal with, they will always have a fond place in their hearts for these films.

If you want to see what the best films of the year are, pick up a copy of this month’s issue of Empire. You’ll find all the latest trailers, interviews, reviews, and photos of the top Marvel movies coming to theaters. You don’t want to miss a minute of the superhero craze.

Iron Man Come Back

Iron Man is a definite must see film this summer. The highly anticipated sequel to the successful first Iron Man film features up to ten new characters and continues the story where the first film left off. The story revolves around a villainous Rhodey, who wants to control all of the Iron Man properties after he dies. With the help of a new robotic suit, he’s able to control and manipulate metal objects as well as people to do his bidding.

This summer’s hottest film has been quite controversial since its release. The film was well expected to receive some criticism from the filmography community, but it still managed to achieve tremendous box office success. The filmography has been praised by critics and audiences alike and now it’s easy to see why. With a talented cast and fantastic filmography, Iron Man 2 is sure to be one of the best films of the summer. Check out Empire and learn more about this summer’s top Marvel films.